journals can be either ic or ooc. the only thing that we request is that there are no underscores or excessive extra letters or numbers.

played bys
all pbs must be living and adhere to the five year rule (the character must be within five years of the pb's actual age). we will not tolerate white-washing of pbs. we do not allow challenges to pbs and are a first come, first serve community.

before applying, please make a post on pbads or in our storylines community, ~developed. you will need to link this post in your application.

character limits
we currently do not have a character limit. we only ask that you don't take on more than you can handle.

a bio is required for acceptance into archipelago. we require three detailed paragraphs or seven to ten bullet points.

rejected applications will be deleted. the mod team reserves the right to reject an application for any reason.

all introduction must be posted within 72 hours of being accepted. the majority of comments must be replied to, as well. failure to intro your character or reply to the majority of the comments will result in your character's removal.

monthly requirements
you are required to update two times a month. these posts can be anything you want them to be. the only excpetion is that one of your two updates must be interactive with comments enabled, and the majority of the comments must be replied to. please use the following guidelines for what activity you will be required to make, based on when you were added to the community.
before the 15th: intro post plus two updates
after the 15th: intro post & one update
after the 25th: intro post only
it is your responsibility to link your activity to the mods in the activity tracker post by the end of the month. failure to link your activity will result in the removal of your character.

friends lists
you are required to keep your friends list up to date. friends list checks will be done mid month. anyone who is out of date by two weeks or more will be removed.

extensions & hiatuses
all hiatuses must be a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six weeks long. if you think you may need longer than six weeks, please let the mods know and we can discuss extending it. if you are in need of an extension on your monthly activity, you will be granted a one week extension. if you are consistently needing an extension, the mods reserve the right to not allow one. introductions will not be extended unless there are extenuating circumstance. if you cannot make your introduction within the given 72 hours, reach out to the mods as soon as possible.

if you are removed from the community due to inactivity, you are more than welcome to reapply, but you will need to provide us with links to your missing activity before you will be accepted back into the community. if you are removed three times due to activty and/or failing to intro your character, you will not be allowed back.

the basics
line crossing
just don't do it. it's not a hard concept to grasp. we're all adults here.

we have a zero tolerance policy for bullies. if somebody comes to us with complaints about bullying and harrassment, we will take these complaints seriously. we will require there be proof to be provided, however if you are found to be guilty? you will be removed.

we are aware that we cannot keep people from using apps like wire for in character interactions. just note that these interactions cannot be used for activity. we also ask that you don't advertise with your handles.

etc, etc, etc
all rules are subject to change at mod discretion. if a rule is updated, it will be announced.